• Providing accounting and taxation services
  • Offering consultation and implementing the framework of accounting systems, including designing document systems according to generally accepted accounting standards and tax laws
  • Creating financial reports, analyzing performance results, and suggesting solutions to arising issues
  • Tax planning to ensure compliance with business regulations, conditions, and criteria set by the law
  • Preparing and submitting all types of tax returns, including Social Security fund contributions
  • Conducting audits by certified accountants and tax auditors according to generally accepted auditing standards
  • Monthly document collection and delivery service (no extra charge for provinces other than Samut Prakan)
  • Tax filing services (PND.1, PND.1K, PND.3, PND.53, P.Por.30), including social security filing
  • Monthly accounting bookkeeping and guidance on preparing supporting documents and daily transaction records categorized by type, such as purchase-sales journal, payment-receipt journal, recording bank transactions, reconciling bank balances, and registering assets (in accordance with the Accounting Act)
  • Financial summary (profit and loss statement)
  • Preparing mid-year financial statements (PND.51) with submission to the Revenue Department
  • Preparing year-end financial statements (PND.50) by authorized auditors, including audit fees and certification charges only, without closing, filing, or documentation fees, with submission to the Department of Business Development and the Revenue Department (Form Por.9)
  • Setting up a standardized internal accounting system (no additional fees when using monthly accounting services)
  • Providing consultation for tax-saving and law-compliant tax planning
  • Acting as a representative to meet with tax authority officials in case of summons (no additional charges)

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