Audit and Scope of Service

Providing annual financial statement audit services in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards certified by the Ministry of Commerce and the Revenue Department. Auditing services are conducted as follows:

  1. Interim Audit: Audit and review of financial statements during the interim period
  2. Internal Audit: In-depth audit of internal operations
  3. Special Audit: Specialized audit tailored to specific requirements
  4. Year-End Financial Statement Audit.

Our company partners with a team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Tax Accountants (TAs) with extensive experience in accounting audit procedures. Their expertise ensures that the financial statements adhere to universally recognized auditing standards and related laws. This accuracy results in reliable and suitable financial data, enhancing business efficiency and reducing operational risks.

Upon completion of the annual audit, our company will present an assessment report detailing the effectiveness of internal controls in accounting and other related areas. This report will identify weaknesses and shortcomings in the internal control system, along with recommendations for improvement to management. This information highlights critical areas of internal accounting control that may lead to fraud, loss, liabilities and offers solutions accordingly.

Scope of Accounting Audit Work

  1. Providing audit services for financial statements, adhering to certified auditing standards. This includes testing accounting transactions, internal control systems, and financial disclosure, evaluating their accuracy and relevance in accordance with accepted accounting principles used by the business. This also involves assessing significant financial statement items.
  2. Presenting a report to management on accounting and financial errors, such as deficiencies in internal control, appropriateness of the accounting system, suggestions for organized documentation systems, and the possibility of fraudulent activities. The report covers important matters affecting both current and future business operations.
  3. Compiling a yearly report of the auditor’s findings as required by the Ministry of Commerce once a year. This report provides an auditor’s opinion on whether the financial statements fairly represent the financial position and results of operations in accordance with accounting principles. If there are unusual reporting circumstances, our company will collaborate with clients to explain the reasons and facts before submitting the audit report.
  4. Assisting with the submission of financial statements to the Ministry of Commerce and the Revenue Department, including preparing the necessary supporting documents.

Service Fees are determined based on:

  • Document volume
  • Business type

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